Divine–Volume 2- Chapter 1: The Heavens and the Earths

In the Three Realms: Izmos the Empyrean of Creation POV

The four Empyreans, as true descendants of the three Originators were eternally welcome to take the Primum Mobile, their birthplace, as their home. For the first few millennia after their birth all four Empyreans did just that and learned many things about their natures and the states of the rest of existence from their parents as they wandered the Primum Mobile’s infinite space interior in the gentle embrace of Xodon’s (primordial chaos) soul. Sometimes they would even wander into the five spherical outer layers of the Primum Mobile and experience each of the five elemental Heavenly Dao and essences that made up those spheres. Meanwhile the GodBeasts received differing treatments from their parents, with some being urged to explore the Three Realms in a quest to gain power and knowledge themselves and others being carefully nurtured by their Divine Beast parents from within the Primum Mobile. Though Destiny ran through every being in the Three Realms, other than the three Originators themselves, it only chained the 81 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms (to the inside of the Primum Mobile) and merely flowed invisibly around the rest of the Three Realms since the Empyreans and GodBeasts that had been born within the Three Realms and took it as their home were not perceived as a threat. The three Originators even occasionally gave some pointers to certain GodBeast juniors that they took a liking to, like the adorable and always competitive Nüwa the GodBeast of life and her twin sister Fae the GodBeast of death. In this relatively peaceful manner the 364 true descendants of the Three Realms spent the first few millennia of their lives exploring, socializing, and learning. Only a few unfortunate GodBeasts that ignored the warnings of their parents ended up wandering into the various danger zones that littered the Three Realms and thus spent their first few millennia desperately fighting and running for their lives. Only time would tell what the destinies of those poor GodBeasts would be as their journey unfolded.

Izmos the Empyrean of Creation lounged around in the spherical layer of fire that composed one of the five outer layers of the Primum Mobile with his sister Aaris the Empyrean of Destiny and decided on his next course of action. He had already learned more than enough from his parents and grew bored of staying within the confines of the Primum Mobile. Izmos felt that it would be prudent to begin an independent investigation of his nature at that point in order to continue to grow. Of course, Izmos being the Empyrean of Creation, the best way to explore his innermost nature would be to start making creations of his own. Obviously, while Izmos could initiate this process within the Primum Mobile, it was the joint creation of the three Originators already and he felt that it would be slightly more optimal to make his creations outside of it within the vast confines of the Three Realms. Thus, Izmos wondered: What should I make first? What is needed? What is necessary? As he relaxed by his sisters side.

“Izmos?” Aaris asked with a sweet voice, as she looked at her brother’s pensive face.

“Yes?” Izmos responded distractedly.

“You should start with some realms that gods can call home.”


“Yes, gods. Destiny’s whispers are clear. Where one is beget, many more shall follow. I’ve begun to gather the seeds that must be planted, but someone must first create gardens for the seeds to be allowed to grow and flourish.”

“Aren”t you Destiny though?”

” *puffs cheeks* Never mind that brother, I have given you the answer that you are looking for. Go!”

” *ruffles Aaris’s hair* OK, dear sister. I suppose that is as good a place to start as any.”

And with that, Izmos rose and shifted out of the sphere of fire bending space-time to appear in a random and desolate corner of the Three Realms. Aaris, who he left behind, smiled and continued to lounge in a patch of violent burning flames that were hot enough to melt a star like so much gaseous slag. Izmos stood silently in the desolate corner of the Three Realms with his nine spherical layered Domain haloed around his body. His Domain seemed to spontaneously give birth to countless transient miracles and creations that would disappear before one could get a clear glance at any of them and his aura was breathtakingly vast and mighty as he stood there silently like a king beholding his subjects. Izmos stared intently at his canvas as the primordial chaos swirled and danced lovingly across his figure and space-time twitched as though wanting to fulfill his every desire. Seven days and nights Izmos remained just so as he waited for ‘something’ to occur that would spur his artistic spirit. Suddenly, as though struck by a burst of inspiration, Izmos moved in an elegant dance as the outermost sphere of his Domain released a torrent of his first Edict into the primordial chaos. The invisible rivers of destiny were quietly stirred by Aaris’s unseen hand as they gracefully wove into the rhythms and motions of Izmos’s motions. *RUMBLE* The Three Realms faintly shook as the Edict formed a Heaven realm from the essence of Izmos and from the primordial chaos and space-time of the three Originators. Eight more times a spherical layer of the Empyrean of Creation’s Domain released its Edict into the Three Realms to form a Heaven realm and so the entirety of the Three Realms slightly shook nine times in succession. At the release of the last and deepest Edict of the Empyrean of Creation, the Heaven Realms gathered into a vast array spanning trillions of miles with each Heaven realm being one of its gigantic pieces and the invisibly weaving rivers of destiny locked the nine Heavens in place, connecting them even further as it chained the group of the Heavens to the Primum Mobile while allowing them to remain in their positions. Really sister? Thought Izmos with a wry smile as he felt the chaining of his nine Heaven realms to the Primum Mobile. *THRUM* Izmos shrugged his shoulders casually as he completed the final puzzle of his Heaven realms by using an outpouring of his Omega Jindan’s energies to baptize his nine creations in his deepest essence and laws and thus blessing them with a sort of mechanical artificial sentience and the ability to create life in the future. This blessing would last for one hundred years and during his blessing the three Originators kept the curious true descendants of the Three Realms from approaching Izmos and his nine Heavens, since the blessing required his complete and undivided attention.

In the Three Realms: Eohr the Empyrean of Distortion POV

A large distortion suddenly formed next to the lounging body of Aariis the Empyrean of Destiny in the violent flames of the spherical fire essence outer-layer of the Primum Mobile at the start of Izmos’s blessing. This distortion congealed into a devilishly handsome young man that was of course Eohr the Empyrean of Distortion. A crooked smile was pasted on his face as he conjured a chair out of the fire to sit comfortably on as he stared down at his sister. A very long and uncomfortable staring contest ensued as Eohr silently gazed intently at the beautiful, seemingly indifferent Aaris, who merely ignored the Empyrean of Distortion and continued to casually sense the intricacies of the river of destiny from a relaxed position on the fiery ground. This staring contest however was not so simple as just that as each of the Empyrean’s Domain’s mixed together and their nine spheres each engaged in a strange warfare that looked like the halos were mingling and dancing joyfully on the surface but they were embroiled in a bitter struggle underneath, as within the conjoined planes of the nine spherical layers of the mingling Domains apocalyptic forces were being temporarily conjured from the power of their respective Edicts and engaging in a battle that could cover the span of a galaxy. This hidden battle actually resembled an extremely complex game of chess, with the forces conjured by the Edicts as the pieces on the board. Approximately ten years passed like this until Aaris’s indifferent expression was cracked by an elegantly twitching eyebrow.

“Ready to help me now dear sister?” Eohr said with a smirk.

” *huffs adorably in anger* Go die in a hole, Eohr!” Aaris softly said as she glared at Eohr’s increasingly smug expression.

“You know the rules, sister. Give in quietly, OK? Where did all that elegance from earlier go, hmm?”

“Hmph. I know them well. Don’t expect me to be happy about it. Here. If you screw anything up…” Aaris sourly said as she handed Eohr a glimmering key that she had forged from the rivers of destiny some time ago.

“No worries. I just want to have a little bit of fun!” Eohr stated with a radiant smile.

“That’s exactly what I am worried about!” Aaris mumbled as she disappeared from her place amid a portal made from a small whirlpool of briefly visible waters of destiny.

Eohr’s eyes flashed and his form distorted his surroundings until he found himself standing before his second sister, Nyx the Empyrean of Dreams. She was wandering the inside of an alternate dimension, cold and aloof. Around her the Domain that haloed her body warped the alternate dimension beyond recognition. Floating orbs of chaos became cherubim, the cracked and jagged space-time holding the orbs became flaming swords that circled the newly born cherubim, and every swathe of the alternate dimension warped into crystals, gems, and other valuable. Nyx’s starry gown fluttered behind her as though it was the wings of a bird and indeed every other moment the gown would become a different collection of wings from noble starry eagle’s wings to four starry prismatic dragonfly wings, continually shifting into wings only briefly before once more regaining the appearance of a gown. The Empyrean of Dreams own appearance also fluctuated constantly as she became every possible type of woman, from fair to dark from thin to busty, etc., though every transformation contained an unearthly beauty that could bewitch one into a slobbering imbecile.

“Nyx, darling, sweetheart, apple of my eye- can you spare a moment for your poor brother?” Eohr exclaimed upon seeing her with an ingratiating smile plastered on his handsome features.

” *puts one finger on lips* Shhh. I need to finish first,” Nyx ordered calmly with a slight blush on her cheeks, whereupon Eohr waited for Nyx to finish with the alternate dimension and followed her as she then went through the black hole entrance and out into the primordial chaos.

“Now then, Nyx I have an excellent proposition, one I am sure that you will absolutely be interested in. Look all we have to do is-”

“No,” Nyx coolly interrupted Eohr’s pitch.

“But you haven’t even heard-”

“Not after what you made me do last time,” Nyx interrupted an exasperated Eohr a second time with her inflection-less voice as her blush deepened.

“Well…That was a mistake. A mere oversight on my part darling sister. I have already apologized to you a thousand times! I really did not mean… I should not have coerced you into that without first considering things carefully,” Eohr stuttered with a bashful appearance.

“Apologize a hundred thousand more times! Then you can talk,” Nyx said fiercely as she swiftly sashayed away like a drifting autumn flower.

Only after chasing after Nyx and relentlessly yammering apologies and heaping such compliments upon her that it seemed as though even dung could be turned into gold with the use of his silver tongue did the Empyrean of Distortion finally cause Nyx to relent. Of course, this too was only done after the passage of a decade. Nyx cold face watched as Eohr used the key of destiny to open a passage into the center of the nine Heaven realms of Izmos the Empyrean of Creation, despite the barriers that the three Orignators had formed to keep other true descendants out. They of course noticed this, but allowed Eohr to do as he pleased none the less as they knew that he would not cause Izmos harm during his critical moment while he was blessing his creations. Eohr and the indifferent beauty Nyx slipped into the passage and arrived amidst the center of the nine Heaven realms’ array. The Empyrean of Distortion immediately began his work and released the full power of his Domain as nine Edicts poured out of its nine spherical layers to form a marvel of the Three Realms. *THRUM* Eohr took advantage of the omnipresence of the Primum Mobile to distort reality such that two Heavenly Dao that were chained within it seemingly were copied outside in the primordial chaos as the two Divine Beasts known as the Lunar Star and the Solar Star existed in two places at once. In the next moment the illusion faded away as the connection was severed by the chains of destiny but two shadows of the Divine Beasts remained in place. Eohr beckoned towards the Empyrean of Dreams and Nyx sent out her Domain’s nine Edicts as well, one of which sank into the shadows and caused them to become two real stars albeit only immortal facsimile of the might of the Heavenly Dao of the Lunar and Solar stars.

“Now for the fun part. Get ready darling sister of mine. We can’t let Izmos hog all the glory!” Eohr yelled excitedly.

“…” Nyx looked unperturbed.

*OHM* The Empyrean of Distortion once again employed the nine Edicts of his Domain and a vast outpouring of his rainbow-colored Omega Jindan’s energies as he forcibly connected a colossal number of null-spaces (spaces that no longer exist, at least in the present) together. *THRUM* Eohr used the twin stars as both a gateway an anchor to keep the monstrously huge realm that he had just created in place. This realm was like a gargantuan layer of ‘muscle’ underneath the ‘skin’ of the Three Realms that managed to impossibly span the Three Realms entire length of a countless trillions of miles. As Eohr’s face contorted in the utmost agony as he struggled valiantly to maintain the existence of his creation like Atlas holding up a world, his being began to slowly crumble as his Omega Jindan alone was not enough to sustain the massive realm that he had impossible created as another layer of the Three Realms. Luckily Nyx immediately supported his Omega Jindan with her own and used her own nine Edicts to help mold the realm into existence. They also both borrowed from the blessing of Izmos the Empyrean of Creation in order for the twin stars to have increased power as both anchors and gateways, thus hopefully preventing its collapse in the future. This bound the realm that they jointly named Ceyphus the Dream World tightly with the nine Heavens and extended Izmos’s blessing of sentience and life into the realm as well. Izmos’s blessing would now take one million years to complete. At the completion of the realm, Eohr tried to beat a hasty retreat, dragging an unwilling Nyx behind him when Xodon’s (primordial chaos) voice rang out within both of their heads: “Troublesome. Repent in Ceyphus.” The two Empyreans thus watched as the passageway created by the key of destiny collapsed and were helplessly sucked through each of the twin stars and into the Dream World, trapped until Izmos completed his blessing. Whining could faintly be heard within as one masculine voice begged for the forgiveness of an unseen hand as it hastily fled deeper into the Dream World and began to fade away into the distance.

In the Three Realms: Izmos the Empyrean of Creation POV

Whilst all that commotion occurred around him, the Empyrean of Creation merely focused even more firmly on the blessing that he had to cast before him. Not only did the happenings fail to sever his blessings, the additional burden that was added onto what he had to bless with his Omega Jindan and his Domain’s rescinded Edicts actually served to increase his concentration further! This is because having to bless his nine Heaven realms, the twin star anchors/gateways, and the Ceyphus Dream World at the same time required him to expend his energies even more delicately than before. During his ceremony, the understanding that Izmos had of he nature of his laws and Domain continually deepened as he met the challenge of blessing realms with sentience and the ability to create in such a way that the gifts would allow the realms self-healing and combat properties capable of standing up to even Empyreans and GodBeasts. The blessing of course would only be able to instill the ability of the Heavens, the twin stars, and the Dream World to convert the surrounding primordial chaos into energy and would thus grant them only mediocre fighting and healing prowess but the profoundness of the three’s interconnection through the array and through the power of distortion should allow them to pull together strength to aid one another when one of the three parts was under attack, thereby increasing their total power quite a bit over their individual prowess. As for the rudimentary sentience granted to the twin stars and the extremely complex artificial intelligence granted to the Dream World and Heaven realms, these were painstakingly crafted by Izmos such that each would be capable of fulfilling its purpose.

However, granting the ability to create freely to the Heavens and to the Dream World was the greatest factor that contributed to the deepening of the Empyrean of Creation’s understanding towards his own nature. *THRUM* As his voice and his power reverberate throughout the Heavens and the Dream World and infused it with the potential to create and to provide for living creatures and sentient beings of many kinds, insights about his laws and Edicts potential uses and paths flooded his consciousness. These paths each shone radiantly in his psyche as ways that he could take to exceed his limitations and reach a power level similar to the three Originators and Divine Beasts. Perhaps, among the 364 true descendants that filled the Three Realms only he had begun to truly gasp the paths that could be followed to reach that higher level of existence. To verify his insights as he continued his blessing, Izmos allowed his power to run slightly rampant from its tight knit and seamless control and to freely create a vista of his potential paths that was underneath the purview of the Heavens and could be regarded its outermost territory. This vista consisted of three thousand worlds, each world a materialization of one path that Izmos could take to soar to the next level and a physical footprint of one insight that he had gained in the process of his blessing. If one with a high affinity for creation and a supreme perception or intelligence could view the three thousand worlds created by his wayward power, it would be easy to piece the three thousand paths into a long trail of thought that lead to the ultimate insight and truth that he had settled on as a means of progressing forward. Following any of the three thousand paths would be enough to reach the Divine Beast and Originator level but only the culmination of the three thousand paths could lead one forward with the utmost perfection. Thus, Izmos spent the million year time frame of his blessing simultaneously allowing the creation of three thousand worlds and on a journey of self-discovery that plotted out his future.

In the Three Realms: Aaris the Empyrean of Destiny POV

Meanwhile, Aaris, who could be said to have started the whole fiasco spent the million year period immersed in the invisible, intangible rivers of destiny. There she floated peacefully as she gathered her ‘seeds’ together, preparing them to populate the nine Heavens and the three thousand godly Earths. Her consciousness was still and without even a ripple of anxiety as she went about her work. An impressive feat considering what she was preparing for, what her father Yteus (time) had informed her of when she approached him about the impending catastrophe that she could vaguely sense through the marvelous rivers of destiny. Her divine senses steadily gazed out into the Void as she worked. She could not see the catastrophe as it neared the Three Realms but she could feel it more keenly in every passing century as it slowly and ponderously made its way over. A billion years might not be enough for the catastrophe to descend completely or it may descend within another few thousands of years. All Aaris knew was that it was coming soon and that nothing could stop it. Aaris’s consciousness buzzed in satisfaction as she continued to work and her sibling continued to bless the nine Heavens and the Dream World. All will be as it should be. Whatever comes will come. I just hope its interesting…


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Divine–Volume 2- Prologue: A series of absurd births

In the Three Realms: Pangu of the Axe (Divine Beast, one of the Five Guardians) POV

All at once, both the 81 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms and the three Originators themselves harbored thoughts of true descendants. Offspring born of their bodies in a much deeper sense than their many creations (some of which had sentience), beings of their quintessential essence and laws. Of all these beings, the gender-less Pangu of the Axe held the greatest advantage in that its Heavenly Dao of wood was innately suited to creating new life. In Pangu’s boredom, it had even urged both the spherical layer of wood essence that it was trapped within and the distant elemental plane of wood (that still lay hidden within the Alternate Dimension Array, along with the other four elemental planes) to give birth to many sentient beings. A wide variety of wondrous plant-like beings were thus wandering within those two locales and beautiful natural scenery of different types of flora littered their landscapes. Though Pangu of the Axe had a Heavenly Dao of wood, its understanding of the related elements even allowed it to create the accompanying materials needed in order for plant organisms to grow. Thus, gentle bubbling rivers, delicate oases in the middle of verdant deserts, oceans teeming with plant-like organisms, soaring mountains vibrant with plant-life, and many more such breath-taking vistas of the natural world could be found within those two locales. Compared to the sentient beings slowly forming within the rest of the Three Realms, Pangu’s lands were clearly far superior. Perhaps only the Alternate Dimension Array (the ‘Infnite Battlefield’) with its wide variety of simulated or spawned sentient beings laying in wait within its thousands of alternate dimensions (that were still continually being automatically generated) could even hope measure up to a small fraction of the different species found in those two areas belonging to Pangu of the Axe.

Pangu of Axe contemplatively gripped its axe, made with a cosmos-like wood, tightly in its giant hands as its 108 million miles tall body sat elegantly on its throne, which constantly bloomed with new species of plants that were carried away by the wind to fill Pangu’s realms with new life forms. Its throne was located in the center of the spherical layer of wood essence, which formed one of the five spherical outer layers of the Primum Mobile, where Pangu had been trapped by the three Originators not too long ago. It pondered the issue of descendants much more seriously than the other beings that were in Three Realms. Divine Beasts had attempted to procreate before but even between those Divine Beasts that possessed similar Heavenly Dao- creating offspring that were at a similar level as Divine Beasts was simply impossible. Those Divine Beasts that had experimented with procreation, either sexually or asexually, were only able to create beings of a great deal less power than themselves in the end, which they sometimes ended up abandoning to wander eternally within the Void or using as base species within their various universes (with only a rare few Divine Beasts, among the already small population of Divine Beasts that attempted to procreate, treating their offspring with ‘love’). Pangu of the Axe was thus aware, from observing this phenomenon with its Divine senses long ago, that creating offspring at the Divine Beast level was impractical and thus set its sights on another goal: offspring that had the potential to grow and perhaps reach or surpass its level. To do this, Pangu knew that it would have to surrender a portion of its own power as such things could not be done without consequences, all things must have their balance- a give and take. This was the one thing that those experimenting Divine Beasts in the past did not dare to do, for fear of losing part of their beloved power permanently to no end.

*RIIIP* A tearing sound reverberated throughout the Three Realms as Pangu of Axe released its axe, which floated silently besides the Divine Beast, and tore from its chest two conjoined laws from its Heavenly Dao, separating them from its form forever (though the knowledge of the laws would remain present within Pangu’s consciousness). Pangu’s stunningly beautiful features contorted in a deep pain and its axe trembled as it reached with one hand towards the Taijitu that floated next to the hourglass treasure in the center of the Primum Mobile’s infinite space interior. Using its control over one fifth of the hourglass treasure’s form, Pangu made it steal a small portion of the Taijitu’s Heavenly Dao, which it quickly healed, and transmit the piece into the spherical wooden layer of the Primum Mobile. *WHOOSH* All 80 other Divine Beasts and the three Originators themselves watched Pangu’s actions avidly as the piece of the Taijitu appeared in Pangu’s empty hand. Pangu’s two hands, one holding the two conjoined laws and the other holding the small piece of the Taijitu, came together as it combined the two conjoined laws and the small Taijitu into two pulsing spheres flashing from white to black in a mysterious pattern, that Axrasil immediately named ‘cores’. Next, as a huge torrent of wood essence flowed out of the slowly closing ‘wound’ in Pangu’s chest to be absorbed by the two radiant cores, Pangu spoke in a solemn voice that echoed softly in the Three Realm’s in-between spaces (or tiny Voids): “Let there be life!” And around these two cores sprang two ginormous bodies that were 54 million miles tall. These two newly born beings, that took the cores as their hearts, were feminine in appearance and humanoid in stature. They appeared to be twin women of indeterminate ages that were so ridiculously beautiful that they put even Pangu’s two verdant lands to shame. One of the twins had long flowing white hair, a sapphire colored dress, bright green eyes that were flecked with gold, and a purely ‘human’ appearance. Pangu named her the GodBeast of Life, Nüwa. The second twin had short raven-black hair, an emerald colored dress, bright green eyes that were flecked with a ruby-red, and an ‘elven’ appearance. Pangu named her the GodBeast of Death, Fae. Both GodBeasts had bodies formed of Dao, similarly to Divine Beasts, but as expected their Dao was a much weaker, degraded form that Axrasil dubbed ‘Grand Dao’. The twins kneeled to Pangu of the Axe: ‘We greet you mother/father!” Pangu hurriedly raised them from their positions with a gentle smile.

In the Three Realms: Xodon (primordial chaos) POV

As Xodon watched Pangu of the Axe smilingly begin to teach its two new descendants with a patient demeanor and a loving heart, she was moved. Her memories of the excited teaching of Axrasil (space) and the gentle guidance of Yteus (time) in the time before she had condensed her first full intelligence and soul was recalled at the sight. Especially once she watched the other 80 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms eagerly proceed to ‘birth’ their own true descendants in a similar fashion to Pangu of the Axe, who had led the way, Xodon yearned for a descendant of her own. If the former parasites turned pets through the use of the hourglass treasure and the rivers of destiny, which Yteus had placed under her control, could have true descendants- then why couldn’t she have them as well? She thought of using her soul and laws as the basis of her own true descendant but she knew that her siblings’ help would be needed to create a similar energy source to the core of the GodBeasts, that allowed  GodBeasts a thin, innate connection to the Void, that could also similarly store some aspects of her offspring’s laws since she would not permit the use of a piece of the Taijitu ‘hive-queen’ of 76 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms.

<Help me make true descendants?> (Xodon)
<Seems like a worthy experiment.> (Yteus)
<Uuuu…Make descendants with little sis *pant*? Y-yes!> (Axrasil)
<???> (Xodon and Yteus)

And so with the aid of her two siblings secured, the three Originators set out to make Xodon a true descendant. It must be noted that at this time, the Three Realms had long since reached its full maturity at a size that was a countless trillions of miles large, thus allowing it to have a full Samsara of its essence to Void and vice-versa, and the three Originators had come to a standstill at improving their general prowess with any great leaps and bounds. Thus, all three hoped that the true descendants that would populate the Three Realms would lead them to new revelations or inspirations that they could use to continue making major leaps in power. *RIIIP* Xodon tore out one of her quintessential spatial laws along with a large piece of her seemingly infinite soul, which inhabited and filled the infinite space interior of the Primum Mobile. She quickly combined the two together, though her consciousness still remained in both. *THRUM* Each of the three Originators contributed to forming a jindan (golden sphere that acted like a miniature Three Realms and could be used as a ‘battery’ of sorts) that was much larger and denser than those they had each used to form incarnations long ago. This jindan was consequently of a much darker golden color than their incarnation’s light gold. Next, Xodon carried the dark-gold jindan and her soul piece mixed with her spatial law to the inside of the hourglass treasure, that Axrasil had simply named ‘Hourglass’, through its gem. The two ingredients hovered above the burning parasol tree within the sands of the Hourglass treasure. The slowly healing wound in Xodon’s soul poured out its primordial chaos essence into the Hourglass treasure as well, where it circled the two ingredients for birth. *OHM* The Hourglass treasure was activated and burned the three items together into one whole, simultaneously also erasing all traces of the consciousnesses of the three Originators from the new item. The new item flew out of the Hourglass treasure at its completion, it looked like a huge rainbow colored jindan, and Axrasil named it the ‘Omega Jindan’. Xodon commanded the Omega Jindan floating in the embrace of the center of her soul that filled the infinite interior of the Primum Mobile: “Awaken, child of mine.” And a gloriously radiant being formed around the Omega Jindan, taking the Omega Jindan as its heart, with a feminine humanoid figure that constantly changed its appearance, from exotic latina to fair elven to beautiful ebony to freckled redhead, etc. This being’s body was surrounded by a the halo of nine spheres that came together to form a ginormous, powerful Domain. Each of the nine spherical layers of the Domain was like its own plane of existence, akin to a weaker (and compressed, such that it seemed small on the outside and was gigantic on the inside) version of the elemental planes, and each of the nine spherical layers was with the materiaization of one mighty ‘Edict’, reminiscent to the Grand Dao of the GodBeasts. Xodon joyfully named this female being Nyx the Empyrean of Dreams. Yteus and Axrasil quickly greeted Nyx in turn with contentment evident in their voices before:

<Can we do it again?> (Axrasil)
<Again?> (Yteus and Xodon)
<Yes. P-please? I want to have my own true descendant too.>(Axrasil)
<Very well. I suppose I should make one as well.> (Yteus)
<…Ok> (Xodon)

Hence, three more humanoid Empyreans, each with the signature halo of nine-spherical-layered Domains, were created in short order, using the same method but different laws. One Empyrean was created using a law taken from Yteus and named Aaris the Empyrean of Destiny, a daughter who inherited control over the rivers of destiny from Xodon. A second Empyrean was created using a law taken from Axrasil and named Eohr the Empyrean of Distortion, a son with a mischievous personality that rivaled Axrasil’s own tricky persona. A third Empyrean was created using three laws, one taken from each Originator, and named Izmos the Empyrean of Creation, a son whose potential far outstripped his three sibling Empyreans but had a modest personality that belied any possible jealousy that they might otherwise have had. In addition to the 360 total offspring of the 81 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms (some Divine Beasts had more offspring than others but all had at last one), a total of 364 true descendants thus came to populate the Three Realms.


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Divine– Volume 1- Chapter 5: On The Evolution Of Divine Beasts

In the Void

As events in the Three Realms drew to a close, the 918 Divine Beasts outside of them monitored the status of their fellow Divine Beasts within quite avidly. They knew the moment when the 76 Divine Beasts harmonized and merged completely and easily sensed when their combined form was successfully killed 99 times and thus experienced nirvana 99 times before gaining their hive system. Many of the Divine Beasts within the Void were surprised to feel the Heavenly Dao signals of the Divine Beasts in the Three Realms pop into and out of existence so many times, only to end up remaining within the Three Realms without once fleeing or destroying it. It must be understood that although there were plenty of Divine Beasts that far surpassed the power of those within the Three Realms, the fusion of the 76 Divine Beasts was absolutely capable of wiping the three Originators out of existence! Moreover, even though the Three Realms clearly trembled mightily at the start of the conflict before something happened to briefly calm it (the Alternate Dimension Array), from the onset of the first nirvana the 76 Divine Beasts might would have begun to tremendously increase in power with ever nirvana that followed. So why did the 76 Divine Beasts not respond in kind or flee afterwards? Despite dying being the goal for the 76 Divine Beasts all along, the Divine Beasts in the Void were very clear on the temperament of their kind to some extent. Pride! A burning magnificent pride that looked down on all things was felt at least in part by all Divine Beasts. Though most trespasses could be relatively easily forgiven if the opponent being faced by them were equal to or greater in strength, after the 99 nirvana the 76 Divine Beasts’ newly formed hive would have been so much greater in power compared to the three Originators that they should have at least given a token punishment or bit of retaliation. The Divine Beasts observing the status of their fellows sighed in defeat. With their supreme statures and intelligence they were able to figure out simply enough that the three Originators’ method of bestowing nirvana must have come with strings and that the plan of the 76 Divine Beasts must have backfired on them. Most of the Divine Beasts inhabiting the Void then no longer paid too much undue attention to the Three Realms. Going there to seek nirvana would be pointless if there were hidden repercussions that could prevent them from acting on their own desires in the future. Freedom, for most Divine Beasts, was more valuable than power by several magnitudes.

Divine Beasts in the Void only really enjoyed doing two things, gaining power and finding new and amusing ways to interact with the rest of existence. Most Divine Beasts thus opted to remain in the Void, where time and space were nonexistent. Time and space in the Void depended- simply put- on one’s own perception. A century could pass in moments or a year could stretch out for eternity. A single step could bring one billions of miles forward or one could suddenly discover that despite having exerted all their efforts to reach a certain destination, that they had not moved at all. Perhaps it was better then to say that all Divine Beasts carried with their Heavenly Dao at least a shadow of the laws of time and space, aided by the fact that all 999 Divine Beasts (and now the three Originators) were connected through the emanations or signals given off by their Heavenly Dao into the Void and would thus typically remain in the same ‘moment’ so to speak. This way, as long as they remained within the Void they could pass as much time as they liked gaining power or experimenting/playing around with other existences, whether they were their own creations or other Divine Beasts, without the inherent stress that the boundaries of time and space would heap upon them. Some Divine Beasts had even created their own universes  (as hideaways from the mysterious ‘somethings’ that turned out to be the three Originators at first then for benefits or amusement later) either singly for the more powerful Divine Beasts or in groups for those who sought strength in numbers.

In the Void: Baal the Demon Progenitor POV

Baal was one particularly powerful Divine Beast that had created a universe, or territory, of its own within the infinite embrace of the omnipresent Void. This universe, born and maintained by Baal’s impressively ginormous Heavenly Dao body, was exceedingly odd in its appearance. The Heavenly Dao that fed the universe, named the Abyss by Axrasil, was so plentiful and drew so swiftly from the Void (while it gave back so little to the Void in comparison) that the universe rivaled the Three Realms itself in size, as it reached a remarkable three-quarters of its size. The Abyssal Universe was similar to the Three Realms in that it looked like a spherical, dark, black-hole from the outside, but unlike the Three Realms- it looked both voracious like it wanted to devour all existences and beautifully chaotic like it wanted to corrupt others with the promise of a freedom from order, it spoke of mayhem. The interior of the Abyssal Universe reflected the mayhem of its exterior even more vividly. Disorder defined everything and the only clear rule that the universe followed was that nothing would last and that nothing would stay the same. Floating apparitions wandered chaotic space as various phenomena happened that could not be explained with reason. Actual living beings inhabited calm islands that randomly formed in the chaotic universe. These beings were always migrating to new abodes as they knew that these islands, that had laws that actually made some logical sense, would last for an unpredictable amount of time. In the chaotic spaces that filled the majority of the universe, incomplete laws and creations would come into being constantly as if following the direction of an insane and completely uncommitted artist. This chaotic space that was brimming with disorder was absurdly charming and beautiful in a way that could inspire true genius.

The beings within the Abyssal Universe were known as ‘demons’ and were of varying strength. Each demon born of Baal’s universe was created from a specific phenomenon caused by Baal’s Heavenly Dao. For instance, some demons were born from a specific set of incomplete laws that gained sentience while others were born from a particular interaction between the wandering apparitions and bore a certain quality or power such as anger, hatred, lust, etc. Amongst these demons were 71 leaders, the first demons to be created, that had power that could rival some of the weakest Divine Beasts, though they used Baal’s Heavenly Dao as a power source rather than the Void. Baal had created these 71 demons in particular after a lot of painstaking efforts in an attempt to further increase his power. They would be the vanguard that he would eventually use to invade the one other universe that interested him the most, the Three Realms, and would hopefully be enough to stall the 81 Divine Beasts living within that unique universe while he battled the three Originators. Baal watched over his demons with greedy eyes. You, my darlings, will be my ticket to rise to an even higher power. Don’t fail me…

One might wonder, how could Baal possibly be so strong? And, why attack the three Originators if Baal clearly was not threatened by them? What benefits could Baal possibly gain from such an assault? In order to answer those questions one has to understand the three main ways that the Divine Beasts grow in power, and one must understand specifically the way in which Baal himself chose to grow in power. The three ways that Divine Beasts almost always used to grow in power were called- Perfecting Skills, Honing Dao, and Integrating Void. Baal was one of the many Divine Beasts that used the Integrating Void method, a popular path with 36% of all Divine Beasts followed. In the Integrating Void path, Divine Beasts were required to learn more about their natures. Though all the actions of the 999 Divine Beasts were dictated by the nature of their Heavenly Dao, as beings with an intelligent consciousness pervading the said Heavenly Dao- they could choose to act against their own natures if necessary. The Integrating Void path specified that the Divine Beasts had to ‘stick to the script’ that was their Heavenly Dao and seek opportunities to better understand the nature of their Heavenly Dao so that they could act according to their true ‘inner selves’ even further. The more knowledge about their natures the Divine Beasts unearthed and the more true they were to their inner selves, the closer they would come to their origin, the infinite and eternal Void of nothingness. As they attuned themselves thus to the Void, the omnipresent Void would grant them more of their Heavenly Dao to work with and they would gain more Heavenly Dao in their Samsara of Dao to Void and vice-versa, steadily increasing their size and their healing speed. With a larger amount of Heavenly Dao and with stronger regeneration abilities, of course the Divine Beasts wold slowly grow massively in power! Even their already prodigious defenses would strengthen as they gained more layers of Heavenly Dao overlaid on top of their existing bodies. This method is one that was both easy to follow and extremely rewarding given time, hence the the large percentage of Divine Beasts that practiced it.

Baal the Demon Progenitor was one of the most successful Divine Beasts in following the path of Integrating Void. The demons that he created and granted sentience using his Heavenly Dao were more than just warriors that he could use to invade the Three Realms and spread mayhem in order to better comprehend his nature, they were also his experiments. Baal found that by creating these beings and observing their actions he gained a more comprehensive and overarching view of his particular Heavenly Dao, since they were in a sense personifications of the various laws of his Heavenly Dao of Disorder/Mayhem despite having their own sentiments and goals. To spread disorder! To cause anarchy! To incite mayhem! Only by following his deepest desires and by watching as his creations interacted with as wide a variety of other beings as possible could Baal truly Integrate with the Void to the highest levels. Baal laughed silently. How fun would it be when his Abyssal Universe and the Three Realms intersected? He was filled with eagerness and a burning impatience.

In the Void: The Cycle POV

Situated somewhere in a vast swathe of the Void leisurely wandering from Divine Beast to Divine Beast was one peculiar Divine Beast that liked to socialize ‘face to face’ with others of its kind. The Cycle was a Divine Beast whose Heavenly Dao encompassed a myriad of cycles and had the appearance of many interlocking and rotating cubes that moved in swirling motions around a dense, pulsing white sphere. This particular Divine Beast was the perfect companion, chameleon-like in its personality. In addition, since every Divine Beast underwent at least one cycle in the form of their Samsara of creating their Heavenly Dao from the Void then turning their Heavenly Dao into the Void, they were all at least partly harmonious with its Heavenly Dao. The Cycle would remain with a Divine Beast companion or Divine Beast group for indeterminate periods of times before moving on to another, seemingly satisfied with its previous arrangement but seeking a new ‘atmosphere’.

The Cycle was a Divine Beast that gained power by using the method of Honing Dao. The Honing Dao path was more complicated than the Integrating Void path by a whole magnitude. This was because in order to practice the method of Honing Dao the Divine Beast needs to gain both a deeper understanding of both its own nature and the nature of either at least one other existence of the Void or at least one aspect of the Void itself. Once these comprehensions are made then the Divine Beast makes use of their own genius or inspiration(s) to alter the essence of their Heavenly Dao slightly, changing it qualitatively and thus greatly increasing in power. Dying was a recently discovered way for Divine Beasts interested in gaining power through this method to proceed, as when the Divine Beasts dyed they experienced a nirvana through the Void that not only restores their life but also slightly alters their Heavenly Dao in the process, naturally Honing their Dao in a way that would be guaranteed to maximize their gains from the said slight alteration. Other than dying, which was impossible for most of the Divine Beasts or at least took far too much effort to be worth their time, Divine Beasts would more unnaturally Hone their Dao using any and all laws that were compatible with the quintessential aspects of their own Heavenly Dao. For instance, a Heavenly Dao of fire might alter itself to be as heavy as a more earthen element or as fast as light while also retaining all its own essential laws and qualities. The Cycle Honed its own Heavenly Dao by including any and all unique cyclical aspects of other Divine Beasts that were not already included within its own ‘general’ cycles. Sometimes The Cycle would even gain enlightenment in certain aspects of its own general cyclical laws from the Void itself, as it explored its own nature after pondering the Heavenly Dao of other Divine Beasts. Thus, only by socializing ‘face to face’ with other beings of the Void was The Cycle able to become one of the most powerful of the 58% of Divine Beast that practiced the path of Honing Dao.

*THRUM* The Cycle wreaked havoc upon a vast swathe of the infinite Void, bigger than even the Three Realms Universe, as cycling elements of abstracts came together and crashed. ‘Hard’ became ‘soft’ and clashed with ‘hollow’ becoming ‘dense’ and surrounded ‘fast’ becoming ‘slow’. Various abstract concepts and laws whirled and danced in the Void in a beautiful display of power. Small universes formed with The Cycle’s forward movement through the Void as its cycles combined in strange ways. These small universes derived from the profundity of the Heavenly Dao of The Cycle were unstable and would fade over a ‘short’ amount of time of a few billions of years. The Cycle took pleasure in testing out its new advancements and alterations of its Heavenly Dao by creating these small universes casually as it slowly traveled to the next Divine Beast or Divine Beast group that it would befriend and observe. Hmm. I hear those three so called Originators have many cycles in their Three Realms. The combination of those 76 Divine Beasts are also particularly intriguing. Perhaps I should pay them a visit next.

In the Void: VoidWave POV

Only 5% of all Divine Beasts practice the third method of power accumulation, Perfecting Skills. This path was the hardest one for the Divine Beasts to follow by far. Only Divine Beasts like VoidWave who had Heavenly Dao that were innately tied to fine control would undergo such means of gaining power. Most Divine Beasts were actually terrible at practicing just fine control of their own abilities since such fine control involved the knowledge of not just their own natures but also the true natures driving everything (other Divine Beasts, the Void, etc.) around them as well. Their naturally supreme intelligence were mostly focused towards their own Heavenly Dao, essence, or laws. It was only because all Heavenly Dao of the Divine Beasts were innately connected to both each other and the Void that they found comprehending the rest of the existences in the Void relatively easy. However, understanding all the parts of the natures of other Divine Beasts that were not connected to one’s own and understanding directly contradictory or unrelated laws of the Void, was not easy for a Divine Beast to do. For instance, though The Cycle studied the Heavenly Dao of other beings of the Void, it did so only for those laws related to cycles and would have found attempting to comprehend other aspects of their natures to be incomparably difficult. Thus beings of the Void like VoidWave and the three Originators that focused either partially or wholly on the Perfecting Skills path were rare.

VoidWave’s Heavenly Dao concerned the quintessence of the concept of the wave: psychic waves, electromagnetic waves, waves of Fate, etc. VoidWave was a master of herself and all those around her. Absolute control. That is what she pinned her hopes on to reach the true apex of power. Her ambition lay with utilizing the smallest fragments of her Heavenly Dao and the most seemingly insignificant laws generated as its effects to impact the state of all beings in existence. She sought the power to extricate herself from any danger with the slightest movement and to dictate the existence of other beings of the Void with but a mere thought. And though VoidWave was far from her goal as the Heavens are from the Earth, she indeed made a great deal of progress since her inception by the Void an indiscernible number of eons ago. VoidWave was the most successful Divine Beast in following the path of Perfecting Skills and quite possibly the most powerful of all 999 Divine Beasts of the Void. Frankly, compared to the three Originators she was so much more mighty that they did not even enter her radar at the time of their imprisonment of the 81 Divine Beasts in the Three Realms with their Primum Mobile.

VoidWave was one of the few Divine Beasts that was able to successfully kill itself, by using its incredible control, and underwent nirvana through the Void 99 times with its own power. After that, the already powerful Divine Beast drastically increased in strength once more, having changed qualitatively 99 times in succession. VoidWave pulsed once towards the direction of the Three Realms. The wave passed through the Void and phased through a few Divine Beasts- who then turned towards the Three Realms, contemplative. The wave passed by the Abyssal Universe and instilled a thought: ‘How fun would it be if Baal’s Abyssal Universe and the Three Realms intersected?’. Finally, the wave entered the Three Realms itself and reverberated with all entities within, leaving one last subliminal message: ‘How great would it be if we had descendants rather than mere creations?’. She felt content. Take this as thanks for showing me the way to nirvana. I look forward to meeting a stronger you…

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Divine–Glossary of the 81 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms

*All first generation Divine Beasts will be called Primae in the distant future of the Three Realms.

Five Guardians of the Three Realms (accidental creators of the Three Originators using their own Heavenly Dao and the Void as incubators)- Strongest of 81 Divine Beasts (though weaker than the Taijitu)

  1. Vermilion Bird (fire)
  2. White Tiger (metal)
  3. Pangu of the Axe (wood)
  4. Black Turtle (earth)
  5. Azure Dragon (water)

Hive mind Divine Beasts of the Three Realms- Queen being Taijitu that represented Yin and Yang (it was combination of all 76 and a separate entity at the same time)

  1. Sword
  2. Bow and Arrow
  3. Sabre
  4. Spear
  5. Chain
  6. Lightning Qilin
  7. Alicorn
  8. Baize
  9. Cauldron
  10. Manticore
  11. Bi’an
  12. Golden Roc
  13. Charybdis
  14. Hydra
  15. Matrix Cube
  16. Staff
  17. Banner
  18. Canon
  19. Pike
  20. Halberd
  21. Lance
  22. Bludgeon
  23. Javelin
  24. Boomerang
  25. Axe
  26. Mace
  27. Flail
  28. Hammer
  29. Dagger
  30. Sanzuwu the Sun Crow
  31. Lunar Rabbit
  32. Yggdrasil the World Tree
  33. Kalpa the Wishing Tree
  34. Kei Apple Moon Tree
  35. Naga Snake-Mother
  36. Jormungardr the Devouring Serpent
  37. Ouroboros the Infinite Snake
  38. Taurus the Bull
  39. Chimera
  40. Tarasque
  41. Hippocampus
  42. Kraken
  43. Cerberus
  44. Arachne the Spider
  45. Hecatoncheires the Hundred-Handed One
  46. Argus Panoptes of the Hundred Eyes
  47. Misty Monkey
  48. Jade Boar
  49. Dark Rat
  50. Spirit Hen
  51. Shield of All
  52. Book of Many
  53. Perfect Armor
  54. Lunar Star
  55. Solar Star
  56. Shadow Stalker
  57. Heart Mirror
  58. Siren of Dreams
  59. Windy Sparrow
  60. 1000 Poison
  61. Corrosive Slime
  62. Frozen Petal
  63. Bloody Sea
  64. Draining Bulb
  65. Holy Beam
  66. Sphere of Curses
  67. Ten Ghost the Ghoul
  68. Seer the One True Eye
  69. Storm the Cloud
  70. Myriad Chariot
  71. Spark of beginnings
  72. Claw
  73. Fenrir the Destroyer
  74. Dvarapala the Gate
  75. Life Wheel
  76. Origin Pagoda

*Keep in mind that the Divine Beasts on this list that are weapons or treasures like Sword, Dagger, Hammer, etc. change forms constantly to represent every possible design and kind of their particular weapon. For example, Dagger might look like a machete one moment, a cooking knife another, and a kunai the next, or it might have a futuristic sci-fi design or even an impossible design during its shifts. The weapon types represent the quintessential aspect of their kind.

*Other Divine Beasts of an odd, random, or organic appearance have different Heavenly Dao that could be based on anything from an element, like Windy Sparrow is the wind element, to an abstract concept or a random skill, like Cauldron represents engineering and alchemy.


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Divine–Volume 1- Chapter 4: Showing Sleight Skill Before A Master

Inside the Three Realms: Yteus (time) POV

At the time when the Manticore Divine Beast had died and then been revived, though Yteus had slightly hoped that one of the possibilities he had felt could occur would become reality and the Divine Beast would stay dead- he knew that the likelihood of such a thing was extremely slim. Thus, Yteus was satisfied that things were at things were at least going according to his plan. Next his rivers would guide those inside to an even larger conflict, one that he had long since prepared for as the dark hand in the background. Not even his two siblings understood clearly what was about to happen in the next few millennia. Nor could Yteus risk revealing any details of his future rivers of being as any warning from himself would instantly cause the phantom futures to shift due to the powerful natures of the creatures involved (the stronger the entities, the less control time holds over them) One could call his omniscience a blessing as well as a curse, due to him constantly living a life dictated wholly by statistics and probability. Yteus’s every action would affect all entities within the Three Realms (including his siblings) far more than any other, moreover he was intrinsically aware of the precise ways his actions would reverberate throughout the Three Realms and even the Void. He could be called a budding master of the butterfly effect and was also a prime victim of something that most other creatures of the Void were unaware even existed, Fate. Fate was another aspect of the infinite Void of nothingness that all beings, thus far created, fell under the influence of directly. Yteus’s schemes were based off Fate’s profoundly mysterious revolutions that danced across all things. He understood but the merest fraction of Fate as he had been created as one of its many segue, an agent of Fate so to speak. Yteus had continued to study the Voidal Fate since his birth in secret, always seeking to plan ahead of it to thwart its many mysterious revolutions. And yet…Yteus’s rebellion against Fate was also written in its many chapters and was also right and proper. Even as Yteus looked deeper into his nature and altered it to combat the Voidal Fate, even as he manipulated the events in the Three Realms to allow his siblings to seemingly escape its grasp- Yteus knew that he was doomed to failure, he knew that the Voidal Fate was eventually complete its most vital purpose and grow existence to a bounty before wiping it all away…Yteus alone among all the creatures born of the Void knew the true taste of death, the deepest tangs of failure, the ultimate meaning of the phrase ‘to struggle in vain’. Yet as always, Yteus plotted. Yteus would carry on his plan, that had only just truly begun, and dance quietly to the tune of the Voidal Fate until he could dance no more.

In any case, Yteus witnessed the death and the subsequent rebirth of the Manticore Divine Beast and within his consciousness floated a brief but radiant glee: May the games begin! He had made his move, now it was time to await the Divine Beasts’ response. Yteus led his two fellow Originators in a quest to stabilize as much as possible and in continuing to learn about their natures with the majority of their intelligent strands of consciousness. He was quite aware of the gathering and silent plotting of the Divine Beasts but urged Axrasil (space) and Xodon (primordial chaos), who had both also taken note of their suspicious behavior, to ignore them as well. Yteus had already set up a plan for every possible action that the Divine Beasts might take. Now, it was time to wait and see  just which plot was afoot and then respond in kind, scheme for scheme. Yteus began what would be one of the first step in any of his plans, he started to once again qualitatively alter some of his time-streams. This time, in order to properly combat the Voidal Fate, he would imitate the Void itself in a new endeavor and create what Axrasil would name ‘Destiny’ in the near future.

Yteus gathered up the necessary rivers of time as he firmly started the process. He knew that whatever motion the Divine Beasts carried would likely take many hundreds of years to prepare. *WHOOSH* The sudden, violent movement of some time in the Three Realms startled the 76 Divine Beasts, who had recently suffered a loss at the hands of Xodon, quite a bit and they sped up their plan’s process, traversing the Void within the in-between places of the Three Realms to cross the trillions of miles that separated them instantly and thus gathering together in a much more conspicuous method. Yteus’s primary consciousness flashed and began pulsing with a mysterious rhythm that encompassed a myriad of possibilities into as its ginormous ocean like form relocated completely into the Primum Mobile in the center of the Three Realms (it was only partially inside it before). Xodon’s intelligence that had condensed into a soul swirled chaotically in joy as it easily merged naturally with Yteus’s primary consciousness in the seemingly infinite interior of the Primum Mobile. The Primum Mobile, which had a seemingly infinite spherical capsule on the inside and was surrounded by five rotating spherical layers on the outside, also easily accepted the rest of Yteus’s primary consciousness into its unique embrace. Though Yteus could not control the Primum Mobile’s independent time-line, it still somewhat recognized Yteus as its master since he was one of its three creators. In order to create streams of Destiny, Yteus knew that he would need an apparatus to hold the streams that was somewhat independent from the rest of time, so as to overlook it like a judge from high above, and that was omnipresent within the Three Realms, much like Axrasil’s consciousness. Only the Primum Mobile could fit both of those requirements, as Axrasil’s form was non-usable since it was to closely entwined with all of time. Thus Yteus used his vast primary consciousness to bind the newly transformed streams of his time into the form of Xodon’s soul within the seemingly infinite interior of the Primum Mobile. While each of his streams carried a part of his consciousness and were capable of independent and intelligent action, their total intelligent strands of consciousness would not do for such a complicated and dangerous procedure.

All went smoothly and the newly created rivers of Destiny were completed, were bound to the Primum Mobile, and were put under the control of Xodon’s first full intelligence and soul that was within the region of the Primum Mobile to which it was bound, its seemingly infinite interior. Xodon would make an excellent general to utilize the rivers of Destiny properly, as Yteus intended for Destiny to also be a mode of imprisonment that they could use to bind all things born from or belonging to the Three Realms- only then could an entity rise that would inspire new ways for time to combat Fate. Yteus could sense that the future of the Three Realms had been set on a path of no return, from whence other living entities were sure to come into existence in the Three Realms. Knowing such, Yteus wanted to enlist these future beings into his eternal quest to free the Originators from Fate by observing them struggle underneath a similar system as a proxy of himself. The only major difference between his newly evolved rivers of Destiny and the Voidal Fate, other than the unbridgeable gap of profoundness and complexity that was due to his lack of understanding, was that while the Voidal Fate sought to eventually return everything to the Void, Destiny sought to return everything to the most primal state where other living beings were not yet born in the Three Realms. In addition, Yteus made his rivers of Destiny such that as his knowledge of Fate grew, his lesser consciousnesses within them would automatically adjust Destiny to a more optimal state. Hopefully, using this method would allow Yteus to find the path to escaping Fate, so that his siblings if not himself could at least escape from its dastardly clutch.  Unfortunately -as the rivers of Destiny currently were- they were not yet responsible for restricting the actions or futures of any creature as they were not yet bound to any entity. As for its mode of operation, Yteus kept that simple. Destiny would essentially serve as a way to control or imprison entities and would also direct beings under its purview to make choices that would limit its phantom futures into ones that would collectively result in the eventuality of the Three Realms returning to a time where only the three Originators and the 81 Divine Beasts within it existed.

At this point, a few hundred years had already passed and the gathered Divine Beasts were finally ready to act. The gathering of 76 Divine Beasts had spent the last few hundred years harmonizing their various Heavenly Dao as they prepared to set their plan into motion. At that time, the harmonization of the Divine Beast’s Heavenly Dao had reached the absolute pinnacle of perfection. Yteus could sense a profound Dao coming into being as a result of this harmonization, the 76 Divine Beasts Heavenly Dao bodies blurring away to form a truly gigantic Taijitu that spanned trillions of miles in size. The Taijitu slowly revolved in an extremely mystical manner as the Yin and Yang Dao that it represented began to take hold in the Three Realms. The tug and pull of all forces, the give and take of all connections, the delicate balance of existence and the Void- it was all encompassed by and seemingly driven by the Taijitu’s revolutions of Yin and Yang. Yteus immediately understood the route that the Divine Beasts had chosen to proceed with. In order to force all three Originators and their newly forged Primum Mobile to take action and war against the Divine Beasts, hopefully managing to kill them all in the process, the Divine Beasts had first combined and then done something that they knew the Originators could definitely not ignore- they began to steal their territory, making their very bodies cease belonging to them. The Taijitu created what Axrasil angrily named a ‘Domain’ that converted ownership of areas infected by its influence from whatever they were into the territory of the 76 Divine Beasts. After all, with the healing prowess of the creatures of the Void, the three Originators could essentially ignore any injuries done on their much larger bodies by the Divine Beasts even if the 76 Divine Beasts worked together to damage it as one. The only reason the warlike Xodon had bothered to assault the 76 Divine Beasts previously was because she found them to be an eyesore and she needed to test out the fire power of the energy blasts of the Primum Mobile. Thus, only by using this method could the Divine Beasts ensure the full ‘cooperation’ of the three Originators. How unfortunate for them then that Yteus had already prepped a plan to combat such a tactic long ago… Yteus emotionlessly observed the Taijitu symbol as he directed his siblings in the carrying out of his scheme. Though I expected such a method, I am still somewhat amazed by the actual complexity of the final product of the 76 Divine Beasts. How beautiful! Thought Yteus as Xodon and  Axrasil worked together to move the five elemental planes out of the influence of the Taijitu and into five separate but connected alternate dimensions. Yteus himself activated a temporal pearl that he had formed hundreds of years prior to that time within the reforming Heavenly Dao body of the Manticore Divine Beast. A spot within the Taijitu subtly shifted and connected to a vast array of alternate dimensions that included the five alternate dimensions hosting the elemental planes amongst their numbers.

This vast array of alternate dimensions, that contained a tremendous variety of thousands of connected, prepped, and hostile alternate dimensions, constantly rearranged itself such that it was impossible to tell what alternate dimensions would connect to each other at any one point, even if one could presumably sense the entire array of alternate dimensions all at once. Yteus’s divine intent smirked as the Taijitu, trillions of miles large, was forcibly pulled into the array by the small, seemingly harmless, temporal pearl that had been hidden within the Manticore Divine Beast. The temporal pearl faded away once its mission had been completed.

<Siblings! Witness the true battlefield, the Alternate Dimension Array, in action with me. I will of course be needing your assistance with this endeavour.> (Yteus)

<So that’s what that was for! Hahaha! Of course I will continue to help you big bro~. Let’s play with those Divine Beasties lots!> (Axrasi)

<Mhm.> (Xodon)

The Taijitu pulsed in surprise as it found itself in the first of many alternate dimensions that it would have to cross in order to return to the ordinary fabric of the space-time continuum within the Three Realms. This alternate dimension was filled with copies of the Divine Beasts, made using primordial chaos, that had nine percent of their Heavenly Dao fully replicated. These Divine Beasts hung in the Void, big pieces of which had been let into that particular alternate dimensions, and gathered into a battle formation. 76 Heavenly Dao shot out and turned into a cross. The Taijitu sent out Yin energy, freezing the progression of the cross before it had traveled even one step, in but a moment and ravaged the false Divine Beasts with Yang energies, disintegrating them in an instant. The Taijitu crossed over this alternate dimension with one revolution and forcefully went into the next. The next alternate dimension was a world filled with spacial tears that rent into the Taijitu like a cloud of locusts. The Taijitu produced a certain rhythm that sealed all the tears in place before flashing out of that alternate dimension also. One by one alternate dimensions assaulted the Taijitu with various environments and tricks. One was filled with mirrors that reflected the Taijitu’s component Heavenly Dao and sought to separate them forcefully. Another was filled with temporal tunnels that trapped the Taijitu in loops. A third was set in a future where the three Originators were one entity that was capable of severely damaging the Taijitu. In that way, the Taijitu was forced into one battle after another, continuously without rest. Some were easy for it to resolve, others were challenging enough that even it was critically damaged, the alternate dimensions seemed to be without rhyme or reason.

The Alternate Dimension Array was created with the joint efforts of all three Originators a long time ago, back when Axrasil discovered the effect of the tesseract in four dimensional movement making alternate dimensions possible. Since then, Yteus periodically refurbished it using newly gained techniques until it was able to even grow on its own and was capable of rejuvenating itself using the seemingly infinite interior space and primordial chaos soul of the Primum Mobile. The latest improvement of Yteus connecting the Alternate Dimension Array to the Primum Mobile, in addition to gaining it a nearly infinite source of energy, also allowed it to increase its deadliness by many magnitudes and have the power to threaten even the amalgamation of the 76 Divine Beasts’ Heavenly Dao with the direction of the three Originators. The Alternate Dimension Array would harbor such infamy that in the future it would also go by a different name, ‘The Infinite Battlefield’. Yteus had created the Alternate Dimensional Array with the aid of his two fellow Originators for many purposes. After all, he knew from his investigations of the phantom futures that would come to pass that having just the Primum Mobile, as a fortress/base and as the first line of defense, would not due, particularly after ‘seeing’ Xodon’s future complaints of the widespread damage incurred on all three Originators bodies after every large scale conflict. The three Originators needed to set aside a part of themselves to use to host large scale conflicts in the future, hence Yteus creating the Alternate Dimension Array to allay Xodon’s future complaints and to minimize damage to the future Three Realms’ many creations. One could say that with such frightening, omniscient knowledge, not one errant detail could escape Yteus’s ‘eyes’. The three Originators’ damaged bodies could heal easily enough but their creations, many of which would be made due to a spontaneous burst of fleeting inspiration, could not be recovered nearly so simply.  

In any case, as complex as Yteus’s plan was, to the great misfortune of the 76 Divine Beasts, the Alternate Dimension Array was not the whole picture. Rather than that, it would be better to say that it was merely the honey-trap that enticed the 76 Divine Beasts into the position to come across the real trap. The first part of this real trap was hidden within the wood elemental plane that had been hidden in one of the alternate dimensions of the array. At some point early on in the battle, the Taijitu came across the alternate dimension containing the elemental plane of wood.This alternate dimension was filled with strange apparitions of solid temporal trees and thin gaseous space that was spread out like a disjointed mist. The Taijitu wandered this misty space and suffered a liquefying effect as it moved throughout it, that the Taijitu countered by phasing repeatedly from a liquid to a solid. The temporal trees would brush upon the Taijitu and disrupt its harmony as the Taijitu countered with a violent outpouring of Yin touched with Yang that then transformed into Yang touched with Yin before repeating the cycle and thus creating balance from dissonance. Meanwhile something odd was happening to the wood elemental plane deep inside that alternate dimension. It was being used as a mirror to reflect and bring over something from the wood element spherical layer of the Primum Mobile, formed from the transformed Heavenly Dao of Pangu of the Axe, a seed. The seed was ejected from the wood element plane at a speed that was far slower than the movements of the Taijitu but subtle in its passage. It dipped between the Void (within the in-between spaces) and the alternate dimension’s own matter in a tranquil manner like a bobbing water lily. Unnoticed the seed attached itself to the Taijitu, still phasing in and out like a dream, and the Taijitu passed through that alternate dimension and on to the next once more. An alternate dimension filled with simulated dead bodies of Divine Beasts. Another alternate dimension filled with an echo of time and space from the past and from the future meeting in the middle to create a beautiful disaster. Yet another was filled with dancing distortions of reality, twisting everything they touched into their opposites.

A short time later, the second part of real trap was sprung. The Taijitu intruded upon an alternate dimension filled with treasures in a sea of gentle swirling primordial chaos. Each treasure was radiant in appearance and sparkled in mystique. As the Taijitu passed by the treasures, blasts of spatial and temporal powers emanated from them in an attempt to suck the Taijitu into them and incorporate it as one of the treasures components. The revolving Yin and Yang of the Taijitu sucked in the the treasures instead. One of the treasures in that alternate dimension hid the elemental plane of water within its confines. Inside the elemental plane of water a reflection of something that was inside the Primum Mobile’s spherical layer of water took shape and was brought into being. It was a single droplet of water, created from the transformed Heavenly Dao of the Azure Dragon. It flew from treasure to treasure unharmed as it rippled across the Void (in the in-between places) and that alternate dimension, before pausing on top of one particular treasure in the path of the Taijitu where it lay in wait until it imperceptibly was sucked into the Taijitu along with the treasure itself. The droplet moved untraceably through the Taijitu to the spot where the seed lay in hiding, merging into the seeds fabric and nourishing it. The Taijitu quickly passed through that alternate dimension as well and onto others. An alternate dimension filled with the concept of silence and stillness, not one particle of matter shifting even a fragment out of place. A second alternate dimension was vibrant and hectic, fragments of primordial chaos shooting through space like a hail of comets. A third alternate dimension was filled with a samsara of blossoming and withering petals of time.

A much longer time later the third part of the real trap was set into motion. An alternate dimension filled with circles of woven space, time, and primordial chaos spun around the Taijitu in rings, halting its progress and crushing it slowly as it fought with rays of positive and negative energy weapons in various shapes- felines, swords, spears, reptiles, etc. Held enclosed in the innermost layer of one of the circles was the elemental plane of earth. A reflection of the earthen spherical layer of the Primum Mobile was cast inside the earth elemental plane and a beautiful hourglass brimming with crystalline particles of sand took shape from the reflection slowly. When the hourglass was substantial enough, it was flung out of the earthen elemental plane and squeezed into the Taijitu through the circles that were attempting to crush it. The hourglass swallowed the seed infused with the droplet of water and provided fertile soil for it to grow in while also speeding up time drastically in order to hasten the development of the seed. The Taijitu, with a final brutal assault, freed itself from the embrace of the circles and swiftly shifted into the next alternate dimension. An alternate dimension filled with pillars like black holes. An alternate dimension that contracted to the size of a pea before expanding into the size of a galaxy, as sharp spears of broken space-time crunched within it like a strange chewing mouth. An alternate dimension with exploding spheres of compressed chaos that would birth fantastical creations of matter, each creation turning into the Void and seeping out of the alternate dimension like water seeping down a drain.

At that point, after shifting past several more alternate dimensions, the Taijitu had crossed through the majority of the Alternate Dimension Array. The fourth part of the real trap was hidden in the iris of an alternate dimension that possessed one truly enormous draconian eyeball floating in space. The eye fought the Taijitu by seeing through all of its attacks and returning them in kind. If the Taijitu moved forward the eye would shift it back and if the Taijitu attempted to flee, the eye would shoot out rays of its own reproduced attacks at the retreating figure. Back and forth the large draconian eye and the Taijitu fought, though the Taijitu slowly began to overpower the eye, which could only reproduce a small percentage of its true profundity and relied on superior quantity of force to keep the Taijitu at bay. Meanwhile, inside the iris of the draconian eye was the rotating, glimmering figure of the elemental plane of metal. A reflection of the metallic spherical layer of the Primum Mobile was conceived and solidified inside the center of the metal elemental plane, leaving a gem condensed out of the transformed Heavenly Dao of the White Tiger floating there. In the next moment it was shot out from the metal elemental plane and into one of the iris’s beams as its obscured form sank into the Taijitu and merged onto the hourglass’s exterior. Alternate planes filled with figures of giants, strings on floating data, and more flashed by as the Taijitu conquered them one by one.

Finally, the Taijitu came across the last of the thousands of alternate dimensions, the one that hid the fifth part of the real trap- the elemental plane of fire. This alternate dimension was the most impressive environment yet. A huge red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads levitated in the middle of a dark and chaotic space. Another beast rose out of an earthen island floating in the dark and chaotic space and had two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon. Before both of these two gigantic beasts was something like a sea of glass mixed with fire, beside which stood specters of primordial chaos holding harps. The elemental plane of fire was hidden within the sea of glass and fire that was in plain sight. None of the creations in this alternate dimension fought with the Taijitu. The sea merely shot out a geyser of glass and fire that pushed the Taijitu out of the odd place. Hidden in that geyser was a single flame, formed from the transformed Heavenly Dao of the the Vermilion Bird, that was condensed from a reflection of the fiery spherical layer of the Primum Mobile cast in the interior of the elemental plane of fire. This single strand of flame passed harmlessly through the Taijitu, like an illusion, as the Taijitu finally escaped from the Alternate Dimension Array.

*THUMP* Like a beating heart, the hourglass began throbbing once the flame made contact with the gem on its exterior. In a moment, the hourglass increased in size until it completely contained the Taijitu that was trillions of miles large. The Taijitu’s surprised struggles did nothing to change its perilous situation, though its struggling ceased in joy once it realized that its wish for death was being granted. The flame was magnified by several times by the gem until it became an enormous inferno before being beamed into the hourglass, by the gem, onto the titanic parasol tree planted inside that had grown from the small and inconspicuous seed. The parasol tree whistled and rustled as it gracefully accepted the mighty fire. In the next few years, the flaming parasol tree used its essence, supported by the four other items, rebirth the Taijitu in a nirvana of fire 99 times. The Taijitu had been forged into a true singular Divine Beast at that point one that was fa stronger than the combined might of the three Originators, even with the aid of the Primum Mobile. Luckily the Taijitu was then forever bound to the Primum Mobile that had birthed it with its five treasures and was easily pulled into its seemingly infinite interior to become the center or the ‘heart’ of the Primum Mobile, embraced by Xodon’s gentle condensed primordial chaos soul.

*WHOOSH* 81 chains, forged from the rivers of Destiny that circulated the Primum Mobile, shot out to each of the Divine Beasts of the Three Realms. 76 of the chains pulled out the evolved Divine Beasts from the Taijitu using a mysterious method. Technically there were still only 999 Divine Beasts of the Void as the ‘1000’ Divine Beast, the Taijitu, was actually still just an amalgam of the 76 Divine Beasts and could be described as their unity given form and then granted sentience through the 99 rebirths via a nirvana of fire. In other words, now the evolved 76 Divine Beasts possessed a hive mind and form. This particular hive had 77 bodies and minds, the singular collective mind and queen bee body of the Taijitu and their singular 76 evolved Heavenly Dao bodies. Conveniently, the Taijitu also served as the 76 evolved Divine Beasts’ home, much like the five spherical layers of the Primum Mobile served as the home of the Five Guardians- except the 76 evolved Divine Beasts could freely leave their home and were only imprisoned within the seemingly infinite interior of the Primum Mobile. The chains of Destiny, with the direction of Xodon’s primordial chaos soul, bound the Five Guardian Divine Beasts even more firmly to the Primum Mobile while putting them under Xodon’s purview and absolutely ensured that none of the 76 pieces of the Divine Beast hive could escape from either the Primum Mobile or from Xodon’s control, along with the already subdued hive queen (the Taijitu). Xodon had just gained 81 loyal subordinates, controlled and influenced through the chains of Destiny, and the Primum Mobile had added 76 new members into its army. Yteus first scheme was a roaring success.


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Divine–Volume 1- Chapter 3: The Warrior Amongst The Three

Inside the Three Realms: Xodon (primordial chaos) POV

After 700,000 years had passed in the Three Realms, Xodon finally managed to assemble her first full intelligence. This was an incredible accomplishment! Due to the nature of primordial chaos, Xodon possessed a fragmented mind, with every particle of her being having an incomplete consciousness (unlike Axrasil, whose every particle had an equal and full consciousness). Moreover, Xodon’s form was akin to a gas- scattered and discordant- and would thus be exceedingly difficult to bring together towards any singular, delicate objective. If it were not for the careful guidance of Yteus (time) or the attentive teaching of Axrasil (space), Xodon would have taken many tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years of her own fumbling efforts before she could accomplish the task. Xodon condensing her first full intelligence, beside her brother’s primary consciousness, was like trying to sculpt a small and delicate piece of glass art using a giant hammer and a chainsaw.

In any case, after hundreds of thousands of years of her patient efforts, she had successfully done it! Moreover, now that she had created her first full intelligence, the benefits that she could reap would equal the work that she had put in to make it happen. From this point onward, Xodon would not merely be privy to only her instinctual (or primordial if you will) desires and could make full use of her form to initiate any actions that she wished to, even without the aid of her siblings. In addition, with full control of her form and a full intelligence at the helm, it would be possible to condense her gaseous primordial chaos’s essence much faster- constructing many other full intelligences (albeit ones dependent on the first to ‘survive’)  over a period of a few hundred years! Of course, like any other sane intelligent being, her first concern was then to make sure her first full intelligence was protected rather than to begin any new projects. What would the point of starting new projects or creating more full intelligences if upon the destruction of the first, all that work went down the drain and she was forced to restart from square one?

Thus began the biggest project to ever occur in the Three Realms. With determination and with a great upwelling of passion, Xodon set off to create the home to end all homes, the ultimate fortress, the place that would come to be known as the ‘center of all things’- the Primum Mobile. <Help.> simply asked Xodon to her siblings. And with that sweet and gentle call, both Originators quickly gathered the maximum amount of intelligence that they could towards their beloved sister. The Three Realms shook as time seemed to freeze and flow backwards in many areas  In order to rush towards the center of the Three Realms and as thick layers of space were heaped around the location of Xodon’s first full intelligence so violently that the leftover weakened space cracked and shattered like pieces of brittle glass. The two Originators’ actions immediately created many unstable places in the Three Realms that would be called ‘danger zones’ in the distant future.  

<Need more.> asked the adorable divine intent of Xodon.

<No worries, Xodon. I anticipated this long ago.> said Yteus mysteriously, as his primary consciousness began to recall its rivers of time even more rapidly.

<Yes, little sis. We’ll definitely give you all the assistance you need! Hehehe. I’m not as wise as big brother but I too have made some preparations based on the knowledge that had presented itself.> stated Axrasil with exuberance, glad to see its sister talking.

Xodon felt touched at her siblings’ obvious devotion, but remained fixated on the challenge ahead of her. She made the first move to create the foundation of the Primum Mobile, with a flourish. Her intelligence directed the rest of her form to retake the five elemental planes. Though they remained in the same positions, the elemental planes and the Five Guardians along with them were properly utilized as foundations of the Three Realms. Using the ‘back-door’ that Yteus left open when he first decided to help the Five Guardians become the foundations of the Three Realms, she commanded them to lend her their power. This way, though it was possible to derive the five elements from the primordial chaos, Xodon would not have to bother with the arduous purification process that would have commenced upon attempting to do so. Additionally, Xodon could ‘borrow’ the power of the Five Guardians’ Heavenly Dao that way, as the Five Guardians had tied themselves to their planes long ago. Swiftly, the base of the Primum Mobile began to form.

First, wood elemental essence rushed into the center of the Three Realms, enveloping Yteus’s primary consciousness and Xodon’s first full intelligence. It appeared as a condensed galaxy of swirling chaos. A vibrant vitality suffused a huge spherical area and Pangu of the Axe screamed across the omnipresent Void as its Heavenly Dao was absorbed as the first layer of the Primum Mobile. Promptly afterwards, beams of elemental essence shot out from their respective cardinal directions as each of the Five Guardians suffered the same fate as Pangu of the Axe, having their Heavenly Dao be absorbed by the budding Primum Mobile to form rotating spherical layers that were both connected across many points and yet were also separate. At the end of Xodon’s summons, the elemental planes had weakened until they almost collapsed and the Five Guardians’ Heavenly Dao bodies served as the foundation of the Primum Mobile along with the planes essence, much like how the elemental planes themselves served as part of the foundation of the Three Realms.

<My turn.> calmly uttered Yteus, as he finished recalling some his rivers of time to the massive ocean that was his primary consciousness. With a flip of his metaphorical palms, he set his rivers into motion and drastically increased the presence of time in the Primum Mobile until it was the second thickest spring of time in the Three Realms. Of course, as Xodon knew, increasing the presence of time that way was pointless as it would still only be a pebble to the mountain of Yteus’s primary consciousness, so she was aware that that alone was not Yteus’s goal. In the next moment, Yteus began to put forth his true purpose, weaving the rivers of time into the foundation of the Primum Mobile in a seamless dance that was more profound than the revolution of celestial bodies and more profound than even the Divine Beasts’ Heavenly Dao. Xodon’s divine intent gasped as she hurried forward to prevent the ritual’s completion. <No!>

Axrasil bound the primordial chaos firmly. <Let it happen, little sis. Hush now, big brother knows precisely what he is doing. Have faith!> muttered Axrasil to the distraught Xodon, soothing her until her struggling stopped.

The two Originators watched as Yteus completed his weaving, more complex than a solo instrumental concerta, in silence, Xodon grieving in her heart over Yteus’s loss. Suddenly, at the completion of the weaving, Yteus’s woven rivers of time merged completely into the foundation of the Primum Mobile and ceased to be under Yteus’s purview, like so many discarded limbs, thereby immortalizing the Primum Mobile . Xodon knew these limbs would not grow back, unlike the rest of Yteus’s body, and would remain in the Primum Mobile for the entirety of its existence. Unfortunately, in the process of doing this, Yteus created another major weakness for himself since any damage suffered by the Primum Mobile in the future would then also rebound onto Yteus’s primary consciousness severely enough to jeopardize his existence. The Primum Mobile also transformed after that, becoming translucent and ephemeral as it was thus forcibly separated from the timeline of the Three Realms , residing in a completely different timestream that was independent of the rest of Yteus’s form and that was free of his control. As a secondary effect, the five spherical layers of the Primum Mobile, formed partly from the Heavenly Dao bodies of the Five Guardians, restored the previous visages of the Divine Beasts using the power of time, though they were still bound to the Primum Mobile thereafter and trapped within their respective spherical confines.

<I’m next!> squealed out Axrasil’s divine intent, before rushing to add its unique contribution to the Primum Mobile. With a dramatic movement of its form, Axrasil manipulated the gathered power of space around the Primum Mobile. *THRUM* The space contorted oddly around the Primum Mobile, shifting in an extremely abstruse manner akin to the space in alternate dimensions but on a higher level. The entirety of the budding Primum Mobile became its own locality, able to bear its own laws, dao, and natures apart from the rest of existence. Axrasil had somewhat managed to recreate the Void’s infinite space! Though much more fragile than the Void itself, akin to a speck of dust compared to a large planet, it was still a theoretically infinite space (at least on the inside, it was ‘finite’ on the outside and hidden by the five spherical layers). As a byproduct of what Axrasil had done to it, the Primum Mobile exuded a peculiar phenomenon. Its then lacked any coordinates in space-time almost completely, though its entrance still remained in the center of the Three Realms, it also resided in every other particle in the Three Realms like an omnipresent spirit.

Xodon was quite moved by Axrasil’s efforts as well, as its actions could potentially invite reprisal from the Void in the future, but put her concerns on hold this time around. She took a deep metaphorical breath and prepared herself well to complete the Primum Mobile, which then had a solid foundation. *WHOOSH* Xodon flooded the theoretically infinite interior with her first condensed full intelligence and managed to fill the infinite with the finite using her grasp on space’s nature and her own mystical laws of chaos. The first full intelligence of Xodon impossibly condensed even further and crossed into a new state of being, that Axrasil excitedly named a ‘soul’. It was then finally fully bound to the very fabric  of the Primum Mobile, as the condensed intelligence turned soul became its essence and finished its construction. The Primum Mobile was complete! From then on, unless one first destroyed the Primum Mobile, Xodon’s first full intelligence would be safe. She was very satisfied.

At this point, one would think that Xodon was an incredibly selfish entity despite her supposed ‘love’ for her siblings, no? After all, Yteus would now have a much more prominent weakness and Axrasil could face a possible sanction from the indescribably terrifying Void at any time, thus Xodon would have to be selfish to incur such harm on them-right? Wrong! Unlike her two quirky siblings, Xodon was a warrior. Aware that her weakness- her first full intelligence- could serve to undermine the future of the Three Realms, Xodon sought to shore up the hole in her defence. As a matter of fact, even 700,000 years was a short time to beings  of the Void and with Xodon’s prior experience she could possibly shave off hundreds of thousands of years from that time frame anyway.Thus, going to all the effort of creating the Primum Mobile was pointless unless one considered it from a militaristic standpoint.

Xodon understood that in future conflicts their enemies would first strike out at her first full intelligence, thus dissipating all subsequent condensed intelligences and weakening her battle strength immensely. The Primum Mobile would serve as a base of operations for future soldiers and as a home for her first full intelligence- it would be the first line of defense! Xodon then only needed to consider one other aspect that could harm the three Originators greatly should formidable future conflicts occur. Now to get rid of those pesky Divine Beasts! Thought Xodon with ire. <You will never have my siblings! They’re mine! I mean…You won’t be able to hurt them while I am here. Go away you damn parasites!> Xodon yelled out in the longest speech she had yet to utter with her divine intent, resonating across the Void with all 76 Divine Beasts in the Three (the ones not pitifully trapped within the Primum Mobile…). The Divine Beasts were stunned. First, the Three Realms that they wandered and habited was crazily altered to be filled with danger zones of unstable space-time and then they were told to scram and called parasites by one of the Originators. Unfortunately for them, Xodon cared not for their concerns and immediately attacked after she spoke. The exhausted Yteus and Axrasil could only watch in silence, even if they wanted to interfere (which they didn’t). None of the threatened Divine Beasts were worried, as they did not believe that they could truly die. In fact, as a matter of course, the Divine Beasts were quite curious as to Xodon’s true battle strength.

As Xodon’s attacks reigned down upon them, 76 Heavenly Dao rent their energies explosively across the Three Realms. As they were ignorant as to the formation of Xodon’s first full intelligence, they could not decipher where they should assault to have the greatest effect. The already weakened Three Realms quaked upon experiencing the turbulence of the attacks and began to tear at the seams, multiple new danger zones springing up as a consequence of the force. Only Xodon’s efforts to insulate space-time before continuing her assaults kept the siblings’ forms from sustaining further damage, as they healed themselves using the Void. Xodon’s primordial chaos met all the Heavenly Dao with difficulty as she then single-handedly fought the Divine Beasts with a beautiful harmony of laws. Life and death laws cycled aggressively. The five elements flayed and destroyed the Heavenly Dao. Swirling chaos tore Divine Beasts apart. Witnessing a myriad of laws constantly born from the depths of Xodon, the Divine Beasts’ own Heavenly Dao began to be increasingly skilled and honed to even higher levels. As impressive as Xodon single-handed fight with 76 Divine Beasts was fully showcasing the improvements that the Originators made since their ‘birth’, she was only one (admittedly humongous) entity against 76 highly skilled opponents. Moreover, the Divine Beasts were not vegetable and their increasingly honed Heavenly Dao and superior healing abilities began to bear fruit as Xodon gradually fell into a defensive position.

Despite all this, Yteus’s divine intent was smug and Axrasil’s divine intent was excited, both Originators wholly unconcerned with Xodon’s seemingly increasingly perilous plight. Did the excited Divine Beasts really think that Xodon was that impulsive? To their future sorrow, they did indeed consider her as such… Thus, none of the Divine Beasts expected it when Xodon launched her sneak attack. Of course, Xodon, while furious at the Divine Beasts that she truly did see as little more than parasites would not risk her health or the well-being of her currently weakened siblings for a mere grudge of that caliber without any sufficiently great reasons. The true reason she had ignited the wrath of the Divine Beasts was to create a diversion to allow the Primum Mobile to charge its most powerful attack, since with the acute senses of Divine Beasts they would have long since discovered its massive aura.  That’s right, the Primum Mobile was more than just a walking fortress and base, it was also a ridiculously potent energy weapon. *BOOM* One shot fired under the direction of Xodon’s soul. The Primum Mobile had silently gathered its energy and fired with its maximum force at one particular Divine Beast that was known as the Manticore. A light, brighter than a billion suns and darker than the deepest abyss, blasted out from the Primum Mobile at the Manticore Divine Beast. The scintillating light seemed to be the center of all existence and above all things and provoked a sense of inferiority in all the Divine Beasts that felt it. The Manticore was instantly obliterated without even the smallest particle remaining. Silence. Stillness. All 999 Divine Beasts felt the death of the Manticore as its Heavenly Dao ceased to emit a signal out over the Void.  A Divine Beast had… died?!

Xodon’s attacks stopped and the Divine Beasts quickly withdrew into the toughest defenses that their Heavenly Dao could muster. The Manticore had suffered a true death as every particle of its existence had been simultaneously wiped from existence by the Primum Mobile’s blast. All three Originators paid strict attention to the spot where the Manticore had perished, along with the minds of all 999 Divine Beasts that reached out to that place across the Void. Just as Xodon began to hope that it was truly dead without any recourse, the Void forcefully invaded that area of the Three Realms in great quantities. *THRUM…THRUM…THRUM*  The Manticore Divine Beast was reborn from the Void in perfect condition. In fact, the Manticore’s Heavenly Dao had even undergone a qualitative improvement, reaching a whole new level amongst all 999 Divine Beasts. With a mighty roar of joy it resumed its previous travels as though nothing had happened. All the watchers and sensors of the event in the Void were left completely flabbergasted. Not only was the Divine Beast’s death impermanent…but it grew stronger as well?!

Many Divine Beasts instantly attempted to suicide. Grisly scenes constantly occurred all across the Void as Divine Beasts brutally self-destructed their Heavenly Dao bodies. While not all of them were successful as even if the Divine Beasts wanted to die that was neither easy nor simple- a handful of Divine Beasts (none of them were in the Three Realms) managed to successfully die and then subsequently resurrect with much stronger Heavenly Dao. Axrasil named this process ‘nirvana’ and the three Originators grudgingly left it at that, dropping the idea of killing the other freaks of the Void. Meanwhile, the 76 Divine Beasts of the Three Realms began conversing silently amongst themselves, taking care to hide their messages from the three Originators. The Divine Beasts slowly, seemingly casually began to gather. Shifty gazes and excited divine intents were exchanged as the Divine Beasts clearly began to plan for something unknown. Yteus’s divine intent smiled. Axrasil was uninterested in the Divine Beasts growing conspiracy against them. Only Xodon exhibited extreme aggression as she silently plotted against the Divine Beasts in turn. Hmph. Are you seeking death?! Never would Xodon possibly imagine that the answer was yes. Indeed, the Divine Beasts were in fact seeking death. A death that would come much easier at the Originators’ hands…


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Divine–Volume 1- Chapter 2: Learning Through Trial and Error

Three Realms: Axrasil (space) POV   

As it so happens as Axrasil continued its cycle of questioning its big brother, Yteus (time), and making sense of the information obtained from him before feeding the information’s critical components to the fragmented consciousness of its sister, Xodon (primordial chaos), it grew dissatisfied with the process. Though its brother was indeed omniscient and knew all things that were taking place and could take place in the Three Realms- he was just as immature as itself was and did not know all there was to know regarding the nature of the Void, the Divine Beasts, or the three siblings  themselves. Yteus still constantly experimented with its nature in order to discover new aspects of power every moment. Axrasil knew it would also need to begin such experimentation if it wanted to fully grasp its own nature and Axrasil set aside portions of its intelligence to begin the arduous process.  

Unfortunately, Axrasil was an easily distractible existence. First things first: We three need names for ourselves. We three can’t be called three forever no? Hmmm. Ah! <Sibs! From now on let’s be called Originators ok? You know since we are the starting point of all that isn’t Void or Divine Beast. Moreover we shall rule over this area with one ‘will’ thus let our territory be known as a universe. It is not the only territory in the Void but it is ours. The universe of the Three Realms, since we are three, as a name- that shouldn’t be a problem either. We can call that big territory, over there in the Void, the Glacial universe. And that pretty one can be the universe of Radiance. And…> As expected, Axrasil got completely carried away with inane and unimportant matters. Interestingly enough though- its simple and inspired names became silently accepted by its two siblings without comment and would later go on to be known as such among the other living beings of the Void…

When Axrasil got bored naming various things, some of which had not yet even come into existence (it asked Yteus about its conjectures just so it could do so…), Axrasil refocused its wandering pieces of intelligence, that were not occupied with other tasks, to focus once more on copying its big brother and experimenting. Axrasil could feel a lot of inspired things occurring in both of her siblings corners as Xodon nearly grasped the method for spawning a full intelligence and as Yteus began to successfully do some freaky things to the Three Realms. Axrasil’s first experiment? How to best mess with the Divine Beasts of course!

Axrasil noticed only minimal efforts from its brother’s side to purposefully interfere with the Divine Beasts, most of his efforts concerning Divine Beasts being to drive all three Originators to help reinforce the elemental planes of the Five Guardians. Axrasil witnessed him do some impressive things with his body in the Three Realms but Axrasil itself was mainly interested in the other living beings rather than its own body. Thus, Axrasil began to watch the Divine Beasts. The first significant discovery that it made about the Divine Beasts was one its brother had already parcelled out long ago. The Divine Beast’s Heavenly Dao, that formed their bodies, were capable of essentially making something from nothing. As sentient creatures born of the Void of nothingness, that hovered outside the territory or universe of the Three Realms, they could use the Void to birth their Heavenly Dao even as they constantly used up its energies in an endless Samsara. From the part of the Void between the Originator’s bodies, came the essence of their forms and as they used up their Heavenly Dao’s energies they would return to the very same Void. It was an infinitely profound process that was perfectly balanced and utterly flawless. When Axrasil questioned its seemingly all-knowing brother about the phenomenon, Yteus admitted that he had some inkling of the process but had no solid grasp on it as of yet. Yteus pointed out to Axrasil that their own bodies were the same, as their three merged forms that made up their universe, converted the Void of nothingness into their essence every moment at their borders. The only difference was that they did not emit their essence back into the Void to become nothing once more and thus their Samsara was flawed. Yteus shared his speculation with Axrasil- that the incomplete Samsara was only due to their growing state as they still had not matured as of yet. If Axrasil wanted to mess with such a process as it was now….That would basically be impossible.

Bored with the workings of the Divine Beast’s Heavenly Dao bodies, Axrasil fooled around with ways to make her own form affect their Heavenly Dao in ways other than simple suppression, since suppression like that was akin to merely using brute force and trying to snuff out a candle with bare hands. Axrasil learned much through its conscious manipulation of its form. The first successful experiment of Axrasil, that proved to be useful, was when it attempted to use its ‘molten’ nature to shift the Divine Beasts in a new way that was not three dimensional. This resulted in a tesseract effect, where by borrowing its brother’s rivers of time as a fourth dimension- Axrasil was able to shift Divine Beasts to spacial cavities in its body that no longer existed. Axrasil called these ‘null’ spaces. These null spaces were unique in that they were under the purview of both a warped space and time. Technically by using this method, Axrasil had managed to shift one poor Divine Beast, in the form of a gigantic Golden Roc, into an empty space-time continuum layered underneath the one that the Three Realms existed on. This phenomenon was an amazing find! While Axrasil had been aware, through its brother’s teachings, that every creature left behind phantom pasts of the choices and possibilities that could have been- only Yteus himself had been able to explore these possibilities prior to this event. Granted Axrasil’s method merely shifted one there without being able to allow one to return with any information, as even the Divine Beast’s intelligence was unable to handle the perplexities of space-time to the level where they could make any sense of the event… However, after Axrasil retrieved the poor Golden Roc, it was inspired further by the tesseract’s possibilities. With this, perhaps the three siblings would not be limited to only their current space-time! As long as they refined the technique a bit more, creating different bubbles or layers of space-time would be quite simple. Axrasil named this phenomenon ‘alternate dimensions’ and excitedly urged Yteus, who was astounded by its discovery, to spare some intelligent strands of its rivers of consciousness to aid it in exploring the possibilities of this discovery.

From that point forward, the main focus of Axrasil’s experimentations came in the form of making these ‘alternate dimensions’ with the aid of her two siblings. Axrasil’s experiments terrified the Divine Beasts in the Three Realms, as Axrasil often blissfully used them as its subjects in these various tests, basking in their emotional hemorrhages like a snake basks in sunlight. Some of the Divine Beasts were traumatised for life by her enthusiastic efforts to master the technique. Even the largely indifferent Yteus was somewhat embarrassed by Axrasil’s shady methods of testing out its theories, though Yteus still complied with its experiments due to its own terrifying plans, with a smirking divine intent that would give one shivers if one felt it, as though Yteus was a predator hunting its prey or a mountain looming over a mouse. The Divine Beasts with any sense whatsoever tried to avoid being caught by Axrasil in the primordial chaos to no avail, given the fact that it was space and was thus omnipresent in the primordial chaos of the Three Realms. Axrasil especially liked a trap that it developed for catching Divine Beasts off-guard for greater enjoyment, since it got bored with simply teleporting and shifting Divine Beasts to its alternate dimensions so effortlessly. Axrasil called them ‘black holes’. Axrasil would increase the gravity in random locations to a truly ridiculous level, collapsing its space in a directed manner and linking this area of collapsed space to its newly created alternate dimensions. It then directed its sister, Xodon, to tempt the Divine Beasts to that location with some interesting phenomena of its body in order to trick them into the trap’s maw. One could say that to the Divine Beast’s eyes, the invisible Axrasil, who they could not even beg to stop, due to their lack of methods of communication with the three (as well as due to the increasing difficulty of telling the three apart as they continuously merged steadily closer to an even more perfectly unified state)- Axrasil was akin to a devil. <Ha ha ha. Watch them go! Aren’t they ever so amusing. Uuuu… Seeing them like this makes me want to play with them even more~> Luckily, even the indifferent Yteus took pity on the Divine Beasts and distracted Axrasil with a different type of experiment.

<Why don’t you take a passive position in our alternate dimension experiments and try something new? I have been wondering for some time now… Can we create new bodies? Given the nature of our consciousnesses, we should be able to create independent bodies that can interact with the Divine Beasts more directly and open up channels of communication. I know that multitasking is intrinsically simple for us, and we thus only need one body, but being able to communicate with others will be useful. Try creating one ok?> (Yteus)

Axrasil could tell that Yteus knew more than he was letting on about this particular idea and may be maneuvering it to do this for one of its schemes, but with the way Axrasil loved her sibling- it would unhesitatingly climb a mountain of knives and cross a sea of fire at his command. Why doesn’t he do it? Does he want me to try it first? Uuuu…but I am having fun playing with the Divine Beasts. <Ok. I guess, if its big brother asking, then I’ll do it. Divine Beasts, wait for me~>

In order to accomplish its new task, before Axrasil could even begin to experiment, it observed the workings of the Divine Beasts once more, even more closely than before. Since communicating with them and interacting with them in a new way was the goal, knowing more about them was crucial. Of course, Axrasil had already been recording information on the Divine Beasts since long ago and it also already gained quite a bit of knowledge concerning them from its big brother- but Axrasil still needed to make a more concerted effort to utilize her own intelligence to analyze them more seriously. Soon after watching them, Axrasil was once again tempted to mess with them.

The Divine Beasts were truly fantastical beings, worthy of the title of “prodigal sons and daughters”. One must understand that though the three siblings were able to suppress the Divine Beasts easily enough, even at the onset of their birth, these beings were no joke. Rather than the Divine Beasts being weak, it would be far more accurate to say that the three Originators were simply too overwhelmingly powerful and possessed a far vaster potential for growth!

The Divine Beasts’ laws that were emitted from their Heavenly Dao bodies were extremely oppressive and tyrannical, capable of easily crushing world’s with their force or rending whole galaxies with the use of their profundities. Furthermore, this was not the most frightening quality that Axrasil knew the Divine Beasts to possess, nor was their power alone what caused it to want to want to toy with those beings. In truth, the most amazing quality that the Divine Beasts all had was their peerless regenerative abilities. Even the three Originators’ bodies could not restore themselves as quickly as the much smaller Divine Beasts. Though a powerful enough opponent could beat Divine Beasts into a sorry state, even giving them multiple critical injuries and bringing them to death’s door, in a flash- all wounds would be restored by the Void as it converts their destroyed body parts into itself and they would be as good as new. Smaller wounds would not even hinder Divine Beasts in the least as their autonomous healing properties, using the the Void, would mend them practically as soon as they were received. Luckily Divine Beasts could only siphon off a fixed portion of the infinite Void, equal to the amount that they expended, in order to maintain their Samsara. Otherwise, with a never-ending source of energy being drawn in any amount from, Divine Beasts could potentially just wipe out the entirety of the Three Realms in one casual sneeze.

As Axrasil continued to observe the Divine Beasts, actively seeking a way to control its form in such a way that communicating with the Divine Beasts would be possible, it noticed a few new things about them. The Divine Beasts obviously communicated with each other and were able to sense each other’s locations easily enough, but how? As their Heavenly Dao forms were all unique, many did not share any apparatus or law that would allow universal communication to be possible. Additionally, the Divine Beasts did not seem capable of sending out their consciousness from their body, unlike the three Originators that sent their consciousness out to each other in a process that was simplified immensely by the three-way connection that they had with each other. Moreover, it did not appear as though the Divine Beasts shared a singular intelligence either, like in a hive mind. So, how exactly did the Divine Beasts intelligent strands of consciousness share information? What were they using? To find this out, Axrasil once again examined the one thing all beings in existence needed to survive thus far- the Void of nothingness. The Void was their source of energy and their source of being. Perhaps only it could hold the answer to that conundrum. Interestingly, to Axrasil’s great delight, it got results almost immediately once it turned towards that direction.

When Axrasil focused on the Void with its body, it could senss that something was passing through it, a paradoxical thing since something was inherently the opposite of the Void’s nothing. This sense was indistinct and vague. It was not until Xodon (primordial chaos) , who was getting closer to obtaining a full intelligence by the year, reached out with their body and didsomething ro the Void that Axrasil understood what its sense entailed. Of course Xodon was used to indistinct forms of communication so the fact that she caught on faster than Axrasil did to the discoveries meaning was not at all surprising. The key or the vital revelation that Xodon unveiled was that Divine Beasts did not communicate linearly, that is to say that their divine intents did not rely on connected consciousness to transmit. Rather than the Originators clear form of communication, that was akin to divine intent being transmitted to each other through the shared ‘satellite and cell towers’ of their ethereal bond, Divine Beasts did the equivalent of sending out radio waves to be picked up by anyone with the access to the right frequency. The waves being the Divine Beasts’ divine intent transmitted by their intelligent strands of consciousness and medium that carries the waves being the Void. Similarly to the three Originators, Divine Beasts always retained some form of connection by using the ‘signals’ continuously cast by the Divine Beasts’ Heavenly Dao, even when their consciousness was not ‘broadcasting’, to sense each other’s locations and determine if other Divine Beasts were still alive.

But how am I supposed to access their frequencies? Wondered Axrasil once it got over the excitement of the find. Luckily Xodon was able to highlight that process as well. Xodon demonstrated the technique with the three Originators own connection by cycling her chaotic form in a mysterious manner. *THRUM* To the surprise of both Axrasil and Yteus, Xodon’s actions resulted in the connection between the three temporarily becoming much stronger, like a candle becoming a bonfire. Her chaotic nature, once cycled, resonated with the natures of both Axrasil and Yteus as though they were all but three different interpretations of the same source. Axrasil finally understood, the Divine Beasts send out their waves of divine intent based on the Heavenly Dao that comprises their body! Thus matching their ‘frequencies’ depend on resonating with a Divine Beast’s Heavenly Dao.

<That explains it!> (Yteus)

<Explains what, big brother?> (Axrasil)

<😕???> (Xodon)

<It explains why Divine Beasts group together in certain ways and why their phantom possibilities are so closely intertwined! The relationship between Divine Beasts have nothing to do with chance or emotions. They group together based on the degree of compatibility or resonance of their Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, even their communication depend on them resonating with each other’s Heavenly Dao! Does this mean that… Yes, perhaps my conjectures were completely incorrect. Then that future, that damnable thing, maybe, just maybe, it can be avoided…> (Yteus)

At that point, although curious, Axrasil ignored its oddly excited, rambling brother and its passive sister and refocused on the task at hand. Axrasil tried its best to separate each of the Divine Beasts Heavenly Dao in its mind. It sensed the particular signals each Heavenly Dao emitted carefully. Fierce! Sharp! Fast! A plethora of auras registered in Axrasil’s consciousness like call-cards. Then it prepared to communicate with the Divine Beasts that it had the easiest time resonating with, the Five Guardians.

*OHM* Axrasil manipulated the signals cast by the amalgam of the three Originators’ consciousness to relay outside the closed pathway of their bond, with the tacit approval of its two siblings. *THRUM* Axrasil resonated with the Five Guardians, to their great shock. As Axrasil attempted to clarify its divine intent, by untangling it from its siblings’ strands of consciousness, a small portion of Axrasil’s body was isolated from the three Originators and a strange phenomenon occurred. For the first time since their birth, the two siblings of Axrasil experienced difficulties receiving Axrasil’s thoughts! While the isolated piece of Axrasil’s body could still be felt, to trace its divine intent required effort on their part. Additionally, the isolated body piece of Axrasil successfully communicated with the Five Guardians, producing an illusory form on front of each as a consequence of the successful resonation of the divine intent. This illusory form was an extremely vague representation of Axrasil’s spacial laws.

<Hello, Divine Beasties!>, uttered the illusory laws that appeared before each of the Five Guardians. Various shocked greetings were given as a response to this.

<Sibs, I think I will call this ability casting ‘projections’>, said Axrasil to its fellow Originators as it continuously used intelligent strands of consciousness to maintain the projections and thus converse with the Five Guardians.

After a long bout of conversation with the Five Guardians, that alerted all 999 Divine Beasts that the three merged ‘somethings’ hanging within the Void were capable of communicating, Axrasil worked on the second half of its goal- to make an independent body. This goal proved far simpler once Axrasil had reached that level of expertise in communicating with the Divine Beasts, given that it already knew that the bodies of both the Originators and the Divine Beasts were formed from the Void. The main issue with creating the independent body was doing so in such a manner that it would make communicating and interacting with the Divine Beasts much easier.

To accomplish this, Axrasil took the ability of casting projections one step further. First, Axrasil made a projection of divine will with a restrained divine intent, broadcasting the signal of the three Originators without messaging any Divine Beasts. This projection lacked any illusory form as it did not resonate with a particular Heavenly Dao. Next, Axrasil urged the projection to convert itself into the Void in order to manipulate the Void into creating a new body for itself. This new body would imitate the style of the Divine Beasts’ Heavenly Dao. Upon completion, this new body looked like a living, gigantic black hole and embodied one of the mystical laws of space, gravity, in a form reminiscent of the Divine Beasts’ Heavenly Dao. Axrasil named this independent body an ‘avatar’, but continued its efforts as it knew that the ‘avatar’ that consistently needed a large influx of divine particles from Axrasil (unlike the ‘free’ projections that only used one strand of consciousness) was not the end product that it sought. The avatar was formed by ‘burning’ divine will to create a false Heavenly Dao body and was unable to also concurrently spend its essence to create more of itself from the Void.

Axrasil’s solution to the divine will’s impermanence was to simply convert another source of energy, that was not the Void itself, into the needed particles. In other words, it was to make a ‘battery’ of sorts. To accomplish this, Axrasil combined a small part of all three Originators’ bodies into an extremely dense golden sphere, that would serve as a self-sustaining mini Three Realms minus the intelligence. This way the avatar was able to take energy from the golden sphere to create more divine particles and then use the divine particles to maintain and operate the false Heavenly Dao body. Meanwhile, the golden sphere- which Axrasil named a ‘jindan’- would constantly replenish itself from the Void to maintain its balanced state (much like the bodies of Originators and Divine Beasts) and thus provide an infinite source of alternative energy. Of course this alternative energy was finite in actual size and would thus be depleted without a chance to regenerate if too much of its energy was lost at once, but it was otherwise eternal. Axrasil named the improved version of the avatar an ‘incarnation’. The only defect of the incarnation was that it took a formidable chunk of the three Originators’ bodies to make its jindan and was thus a quite ‘expensive’ item. Making an incarnation of any of the three Originators during a period of war or danger could endanger the Three Realms. In any case, Axrasil was finally content. After all that effort, Axrasil had been successful at creating an independent body after a period of one hundred years. A blink of the eye for beings such as those born from the Void.


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